KiNativ™ is with you every step of the way

The KiNativ™ platform provides the unprecedented ability to broadly and quantitatively profile protein and lipid kinases in virtually any cell/tissue lysate. This in situ approach allows for kinase binding measurements under conditions where critical protein:protein interactions, differential phosphorylation events, and other activity altering modifications are preserved. KiNativ™ is a unified assay platform for supporting kinase drug development from initial hit validation, through target validation in animal studies, and on to the clinic. Download KiNativ™ Brochure (PDF).

Kinativ™ Publications and Press Releases

“Going KiNativ”: Probing the Native Kinome— Chemistry and Biology, 2011
Drug Development Process

Determine relative & absolute KiNativ™ IC50/Kd values to accurately assess off-target risks

Generate SAR for all kinases found in your cellular or animal efficacy model

Ex vivo profiling of treated live
cells or tissues from treated animals