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The KiNativ™ platform provides an unrivaled ability to quantitatively profile kinase inhibitors against native kinases in virtually any cell or tissue lysate, including those derived from in vivo animal studies. This chemoproteomics technology assays kinase inhibition directly in biological samples where protein-protein interactions, differential phosphorylation, and other naturally occurring modifications are preserved. The ActivX universal kinase probes allow for a cross-species platform that supports kinase inhibitor characterization throughout the drug discovery process. Specific applications include the evaluation of inhibitor potency and specificity, target identification, hit validation, and hit-to-lead optimization. Moreover, the unique ability to directly assess target engagement in pre-clinical and clinical samples affords unparalleled potential to expedite drug development.

Kinativ™ Publications and Press Releases

ERK5 kinase activity is dispensable for cellular immune response and proliferation — PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, 2016
Profiling Native Kinases by Immuno-Assisted Activity-Based Profiling — Current Protocols in Chemical Biology, 2013
“Going KiNativ”: Probing the Native Kinome — Chemistry and Biology, 2011

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Ex vivo profiling of treated live
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