Unique Probes and Cutting-Edge Technology*

Chemical Probes for In Situ Kinase Profiling

KiNativ™ is based on biotinylated acyl phosphates (patented*) of ATP and ADP that irreversibly react with protein kinases on conserved lysine residues in the ATP-binding pocket. The probes also label other ATPases, such as lipid kinases and heat shock proteins by reacting with lysine residues in their ATP-binding sites. These basic features are compatible with all kinases, regardless of species, and provide the foundation for the high content and high value screening afforded by KiNativ™.

Chemical Probes for In Situ Kinase Profiling

Robust and Reproducible Kinase Activities

The unique chemical probes, combined with automated sample preparation methodologies, a cutting-edge quantitative mass spectrometry platform, and proprietary data analysis algorithms yield robust, quantitative, and reproducible results from any kinase in any tissue, cell lysate, or biological fluid.

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